Patchy Beard Tips

On your journey to bearded masterpiece, there are many obstacles along the way. An almost certainty is at one point in time, you will suffer from beard itch, possibly beard dandruff, and maybe, just maybe, you might find yourself with patches in your beard. Believe it or not, this is more common than you think, especially with many early beard growers.

In this article, we’ll look at how to fix a patchy beard, how to fill a patchy beard, and also the causes of a patchy beard. At Cremo, we strive to always be astonishingly superior and we’re committed to helping you achieve your bearded dreams.

First, let’s take a look at why patchy beards exist.


To better understand some patchy beard solutions, we’ve first got to look at the root cause of the issues. Patchy beards exist for a reason, so which one of the below do you feel your patchiness is gravitating towards?


Unfortunately, this is something none of us have much control over. Look around at your family – do the men all have wonderful beards or stubble that is patch free?? If they do, then you probably have a good chance at growing a patch-free beard yourself, though, there are no gurantees when it comes to growing a beard. 


Facial hair generally starts growing around puberty. Sometime around 16 you or your friends will start sporting some fuzz on the upper lip. Some friends might have more, some less (see point above). However, one thing highly likely is that a group of 16 year old males won’t be able to grow a full beard – not yet anyways.

Most individuals able to grow beards are slightly older. Again, although not an exact science, 25 is a pretty good age to test whether you can grow a beard and having the staying power to keep it growing and possibly fill out the patches. Any time before 25 and you may not be able to develop your facial hair fully yet, which yes, may result in patches. 


Another cause of patchy beards can be from a hormone imbalance. A lack of testosterone, for example, can affect patchy beard progress. 


Although not common, spot baldness can form a dime-sized bald spot anywhere on the body, which includes your facial area. 


If you take a long look at all the different beards in the world, you might be surprised to see more patchy beards than you thought. Some beards actually look better with the patches and for some looks, a patchy beard serves the style of that individual better.

Although style and fashion are subjective, our general rule of thumb with patchiness and whether it looks acceptable is symmetry. What we mean by this is if we have similar bald patches under or to the sides of your mouth, this can end up looking good.

However, if you have one side of your face that grows hair and the other side doesn’t -- this could look disjointed. 


So now we know the reasons one might have a patchy beard, let’s look at some ways to fix it and create a patchy beard success story of your own.

Hopefully with these patch beard fixes, a full, luxurious beard will be well within reach.

  1. Just grow it

  2. Emphasize it

  3. Care for it

  4. Diet

  5. Exercise

  6. Rest

  7. Stress free 


A beard takes time to fully develop and a lot of men just give up too early in the process. Sometimes this is due to itchiness and other beard obstacles, but you really do have to just give it time. If you find there are a few patches, that’s ok, just persevere and see if your patchy beard progress improves. Men can often be their own worst critics, focusing on the bad areas and comparing their beards with other beards, which have had time to fully grow.

Set yourself a goal if you wish. Tell yourself you will at least grow without touching for three months. If it still doesn’t look right to you after the three months, then you have our blessing to shave it off. But please, just give it a chance. Give beard a chance. 


Likewise, if you do get to the three-month stage and there are still patches, why not keep it? Plenty of men have patchy beards and they can completely own that look. You could even decide that you want to shorten the beard slightly so there is light stubble as this can mask beard patchiness and still look cool. Work with what you have.


By this we don’t mean by trimming it – not yet, anyways. Your beard is hair on your face and just like the hair and skin across the rest of your body, it is a good idea to look after it and keep it healthy. Grooming the beard can also help with beard patchiness.

Take a further look down this article on how you can groom your beard to help deal with patchy beards.

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